After Sales and Services

ONNEKAS (M) SDN BHD had provided metal working fluids(MWF) management program such as:

  • Industrial consultation & training
  • Lab analysis & site quality control monitoring programs such as -inspection service for lubrication and cutting coolant (MWF). (Provide schedule inspection service to prevent you from unexpected downtime or operation setbacks)
  • Cleaner machinery to less maintenance/repair, long cutting tools life and reduce rejection rate of final product

Consultation & Training

Lab analysis & Site quality control monitoring programs


We are looking forward to serve you

ONNEKAS Techincal Center

To educate customer on process affects MWF’s performance & contribute to MWF’s failure to learn and to identify corrective action to maintain fluid performance & lifespan and coolants troubleshooting.

ONNEKAS Techincal Center In Door Lab

Analytical service for MWF(cutting coolant) product QC + customer’s sample.

To analytical and final QC of MWF before delivery to customer.

To provide service of bacteria dip slide count test from customer sample.

Monitor bacterial growth in used MWF’s by dip slides.

ONNEKAS Maintance Service

To measure, monitor & reset MWF concentration

To cleaning CNC machinery coolant tank before discharge to new MWF(cutting coolant to machinery)

ONNEKAS schedule maintenance of cutting MWF to filtration

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